The Faber Avvocati Associati law firm was founded by three colleagues, united by mutual friendship, respect and passion for the legal profession.
We are a close-knit team, having been working together on a daily basis for thirty years, navigating the complexities of the Italian judicial system.
The essence of our law firm is evident in the name: we are architects of our own destiny, but also advocates of a personal and craftsmanlike approach to dealing with legal issues, a conviction we symbolically represent by a simple green brush stroke aspiring to, perhaps, an all-together better judicial system.
Riccardo Pezzuto
Lawyer since 1995
Counsel in cassation since 2008
Specialized in civil, administrative and procedural law
Legal field: public procurement also in the PNRR field, property, transport law railways, expropriations for public utility, commercial, corporate, inheritances, bankruptcy, private and public administration contracts, arbitration. And then, member, as a legal expert, in Technical Advisory Boards.
Sonia Squicciarini
Practising lawyer since 1997
Specializing in civil and procedural (trial) law
Subjects: banking, finance, commercial, debt collection and enforcement, bankruptcy, inheritance, property and contracts.
Salvatore Vasta
Practising lawyer since 1994
Supreme Court defence lawyer since 2008
Specializing in civil, administrative and procedural (trial) law
Legal field: commercial, corporate, banking, bankruptcy, insolvency proceedings, property, contracts, public and private tenders, arbitration, business consultancy, acquisitions, expropriations for public utilities, rail transport law.